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Very funny app, glitches with update

My kids and I have lots of fun with this app, however, with the recent update there are two problems that Ive come across. The first is what others are saying where the mouth space does not align properly once you begin recording. Whats odd is that this seems to remedy itself after the video is saved to the photo album. The second problem is that the paid feature which allows you to alter the pitch of the recording doesnt save to the finished movie when its been saved to the photo album. It works in the preview however. In any case, the app is unassumingly fun and hilarious, too. Thank you!

Great but...

Hi, I use this app all the time and is great. For some reason the crop for the mouth is no longer aligned. Also, the sound effects of the voice doesnt work either when you save de video. Please fix it. Thanks.

Need fixed, mouth dont line up in final result

No matter how much I try to compensate; the mouth does not line up correctly in the final result, please fix....this app is super great, please fix

Mouth crop placement is off on playback

Mouth crop placement is off on playback, please advise. Makes the app useless. Please fix

Funny Movie

Ive enjoyed using this app for several years and I would totally recommend it but after the latest iOS update, the crop for the mouth is no longer aligned properly which severely impacts the final effect of the movie.

Not yet..

Wont overlay mouth over photo...

Read this

Dont listen to all the lies that people make they just see there reflection in the ese there are just idiot dont listen to them btw i like this app its funny

This app changed my life

Before I downloaded this app I had no friends. My family was killed by Ebola. Then I downloaded this app and it told me that my family would come back to life, and they did! My family came back to life in the form of my cat Beyoncé. Thank you minecraft


Ok so I dont have this app becuz I dont have storage (I had it at one point, but didnt have storage so I had to delete this app


Everyone keeps saying theres a guy watching you in the orange and whatever. Its not real because its just the reflection of the guy putting his face on it. Also, he cant be doing it to people at once. The last reason is that if he was watching you, the app would of shut down. I only gave it a 4 star rating so you would read it. But guyz, its not real.


Dude I used to like but I deleted this cause there is a slight seeing of a man in thee eye. Juliagscoot or something we need to spread the word!!!!!!!!!! This game could be dangerous because of this and maybe a person watching you?.. Ok that review is sorta old and I just came back to say my friend pointed this out and I started a little craze of the man in the eye I got freaked out and now since its in the past if your unsure of the game just delete it

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like this app and its just amaze balls!!!!!!!

Retarded rumors

I feel bad for the creators of this app. There is 2 year olds rating this app 1 star and giving the owner no credit for what he has made. You can tell if they are a kid because there username is something like kfhdskvrizbfohdfdokk (completely random) and they use about 10 emojis and think that there seriously is a guy who would look through the eyes of the animal dude your using. I dont own this app because it takes up space and I dont really like it much but what Im trying to say is that the owner deserves a lot more credit.

I like it but the man is scaring me I dont k ow if I can play any more

Its great!

Ok so people are saying there is a guy on the other side but its not true dont worry it is so funny and fun!


GUYS! Wanna know what the guy in the reflection is? Its not moving, so its just the reflection of the guy when he set it up! So stop getting scared! Even if he was, there is no way he can hurt you, or do anything to you. He would have no clue where you live, and a guy to make this app wants you to laugh! So you are fine!

very wierd

if u look closely into the oranges eyes thier is a man sitting but he isnt watching u i kid u not take screenshot zoom in thier is a person in the eyeball they could of just done this for glare affect it shows a window bascially someone took a picture of them sitting near a window to give the eye affect nobody is watching u even though it is a little creepy but still who knows but thier is a musclar man in the eye if u look closely

Dude in the Google eye????

Theres no man Im the goggly eye and even if there was he is only seeing your face

Weird yet funny

I dont have the game but yall are stupid I mean what the heck this game isnt a game you dont with it its entertainment duh and I think there is a dude watching.but yall need to chill well Im out peace and also this Ishmael Saldana from bca peace Ishmael out:)!! -

Dangerous, be careful

I used to have fun with this app but then I read that theres a man watching users of this app! Very scary!

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